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From paper to card, and everything in between, we stock it. It’s why so many education suppliers choose us for all their paper, card & crafts materials.

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Thanks to our extensive range of paper and card resources for school suppliers, we help make life easier for staff by providing them with the materials they need to make their classes more interactive and their teaching more engaging. Paper is our world and has been for almost 90 years.

The most extensive range of paper and card resources for school suppliers around.

Our Products

From bumper packs of paper in every colour of the rainbow, to sheets of drawing, tissue, canvas, and crepe paper and cellophane and foamboard, we stock it all.

For educational suppliers, this means they can source a complete paper craft range to offer to schools, colleges and universities. And, because we’ve been specialising in paper for almost 90 years, we can advise you on which materials are best for certain projects. What’s more, all of our card and craft resources have been sustainably sourced.

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